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'Open Hearted' Necklace by Norma Kerr

'Open Hearted' Necklace by Norma Kerr


Open heart silver necklace, ready to be engraved (engraving time around 2 weeks).

This is a bold piece of jewellery, the pendant is w56mm x h50mm on a plain curb chain so together they make a total length is 44cm's so it sits just below the suprasternal notch (that lovely dip between your collar bones). Longer or shorter chain lengths are available. Fastening is by a sterling silver Albert swivel clasp. Made with 80% recycled silver by Norma Kerr.  

Norma's beautfiul limited-edition jewellery is inspired by a love of traditional American tattoo flash art of the 1940s and the glamour of that era.

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