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Her Mother The Mountain

Fiona Lewis is a local Hay-on-wye based artist. Through entry into mystical states, her works became imbued with intention and charged with ritual. Her collection of naturally dyed, hand-made Devotional Habits are created to be placed onto the body within a ritual of love, to bestow upon the wearer protection and guidance on her journey ahead. Her Mother The Mountain is a worn-philosophy, the garments are talismans.

Her Mother The Mountain's Philosophy:

We are all born into a collective environment, and as we grow, our family, friends, school, religion and culture shape our personality. This environment is conventional and this 'code' has guidelines of what we should believe, what things mean and how to behave. But, we have an entirely different universe within, one as chaotic as the sea. We are for the most part unconscious beings, sleepwalking through life, unaware of the separation from our truth and the effect of circumstances beyond our control. It is when our perception is disrupted and a light comes on in a doorway you never knew existed and reveals another way. That doorway is the entry to the self and that light is your truth. It's time to take the first step of the Nomadic journey into your own world and begin a loving relationship with you.

Through the practice of ritual, we bring our consciousness and unconsciousness into union. The practice of merging these two separate parts of ourselves creates a new whole. This whole is entirely unique to each individual and acts as a vehicle for a loving, authentic and creative life with the awareness and understanding of balance, and the importance of the light and dark aspects of the personality.

Materials: Hand-dyed fabric, vintage fabric, hand painted fabric, embroidery.

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