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Ita Drew

Ita is a multi-faceted young artist with a background in costume, props, photography, ceramics and as a circus performer on the stage.


All of these influences and experiences come to life within Ita’s work and have provided a rich seam of inspiration which has informed and shaped her creative evolution. She is currently studying for a Masters in Ceramics and Glass in Stockholm Sweden where she hopes all of her creative worlds will collide.


Ita works from a place of imagination that originates in childhood. Informed by her personal experiences she translates this into a world of fantasy and metaphor. She often begins her process with creative writing and sketches made in her journals; Ita says, 'when I begin to write creatively or sketch out what I’m feeling I find it akin to how I played as a child, my mind becomes an array of visual imagery and symbology that I walk through until I find the right thing or images to describe my inner self.'


Ita often creates stories and characters to represent and disguise the themes and experiences that run through her pieces. Her work is highly personal, yet she creates a space for others to look upon the work and create their own narrative and curiosity.

Materials: Porcelain, glazes and slips, cold surfacing, platinum and gold lusters, raku, earthenware clay, porcelain slip and vintage glass.

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