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Jemima Stilwell

Large scale canvases and collages which explore what it is to be human: the joy, the humour, the trauma, the darkness and all the contradictions within us.

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Alexis Snell

Hand cut Lino prints inspired by old matchbox covers, record sleeves, tea boxes, postcards, explorers, the circus and films.

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Portraiture that explores the space between conventional, literal portraiture and a more symbolic approach that expresses the inner emotional world.

Sarah Putt

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Marina Rendle

Using a broad range of materials from bone, vellum, horsehair and taxidermy to natural fibres, textiles, metals and resin, Marina’s work is always underpinned by detailed drawings and colour work.

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Her Mother The Mountain

Her Mother The Mountain’s devotional habits are hand-made and naturally dyed. They bestow upon the wearer protection and guidance on her journey ahead.

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Friday Lawrence

Jewellery inspired by everyday utilitarian objects, from horseshoe nails to industrial, mechanical and electrical components. These objects are then recast and transformed into something fabulous and extraordinary.

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Norma Kerr

Limited-edition jewellery which is inspired by a love of traditional American tattoo flash art of the 1940s and the glamour of that era.

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Kate Kato

3D recordings made of broken books, maps, magazines, newspaper, wire and thread of found and collected things from the natural world.

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Caris Jackson

A collage artist extraordinaire who takes the abandoned, unloved and unwanted and transformed them into unique art works that are rich in narrative and intrigue.

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Circo Gringo

Puppets, masks and other peculiar works which are all slightly tattered and purposely unsigned to give the effect of becoming timeworn and anonymous.


‘Dog’ worn by a friend.

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Jessica Gill

Jessica treasures the beauty of nature, people, battered old objects and unwanted rubbish in her work; feeling that they all conspire in her mind to create a thought of what they could be together.

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Ita Drew

Working from a place of imagination Ita is informed by personal experiences that she translates into a world of fantasy and metaphor.

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Jane Farrington

Striking and unusual pieces created with combinations of mixed media, drawing and collage inspired by the traditions of Theatre and Pantomime.

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Dik Downey

Sculptures of strange, comic and grotesque characters influenced by Outsider Art, African bronzes, Czech animation and traditional Punch and Judy.

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Callous Creations

Unique contemporary pieces that combine found and reclaimed objects with symbolism and stories to create intuitively designed jewellery.

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