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Alexis Snell

Alexis was born and raised in Yorkshire and moved to Cardiff where she completed a degree in print-making. She went on to exhibit in and around Wales and Leeds and has had two art residencies. After a stint working as a cook, Alexis moved to London with her small, second-hand printing press and began print-making again.


Alexis works in lino which she cuts by hand. For inspiration, she looks to old matchbox covers, record sleeves, tea boxes, postcards, explorers, the circus and films.


She has since moved back to Yorkshire, where she works from her studio.

Alexis has designed many book-covers and illustrated Dr Who: Twelve Angels Weeping, The Bear in the Stars which will be her first book as an author-illustrator. 


Materials: Fabriano Rosapino paper, imitation Japanese vellum - both are Acid free, Cranfield Safe wash inks and traditional lino


As well as the stunning work on display by Alexis Snell, she also created - by hand - our amazing Flaming Lady logo!

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