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Kate Kato

Kate has always been fascinated by the natural world, ever since she was little, and loved exploring the wilderness. When she was a child she would go walking with her mother, collecting things in a box or a tin as she went and would arrange them on the kitchen table when she got home.


She is now a mother herself of two children who both love adventuring and collecting things and it is this fascination and sense of wonder that motivated her to start making the things she creates; building a 3D record of all the things she discovers.

Kate grew up in the suburbs of Bristol, in a house alongside the river Avon. There was a lot of green space to explore and she and her brother would build dens along the riverbank or in the woods. When she and her husband had children, they decided to move back to where he grew up on the Welsh Border so that their children could grow up surrounded by the wilderness too.


Kate say’s “It means I can step out the door and wander through the garden or up onto the ridge and be inspired by the wildlife that's right on my doorstep”.


Materials: recycled paper generally from broken books, maps, magazines, newspaper, brown packaging & paper bags, wire and thread.

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