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Jessica Gill

Based in Worthing, Richard Booth’s second cousin and creator of the “Crown for a King” –  Jessica Gill – treasures the beauty of nature, people, battered old objects and unwanted rubbish through her work, feeling that they all conspire in her mind to create a thought of what they could be together.

Her work is proudly sustainable, being naturally sourced or reused or up-cycled. Engineering and renewable energy are strong themes throughout Jessica’s work which she calls Light Art, not only because she uses light but also to remind her and hopefully others she says “to take a light hearted approach to life”. Her purpose, to bring humour, fleeting magic, a moment of joy, a smile or outright incredulity.

To assemble her creations Jessica welds, sews, bolts, drills, screws, glues or simply assembles together all of the ingredients. Commissioned extensively Worldwide from New York to Paris, Athens to London and more recently Gutersloh in Germany where Jessica is to create a sculpture titled Lotus III, which will open and close using solar power and will be installed in a lake.

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