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'The Bear in the Stars' by Alexis Snell

'The Bear in the Stars' by Alexis Snell


The Bear in the Stars

By Alexis Snell


'The Bear in the Stars'  has been written and illustrated by our very own Flaming artist Alexis Snell. This is a stunning and lyrical picture book - a timely fable about climate change and the transformative power of kindness.

There was once a bear, a great, white bear - Queen of Beasts. Her kingdom was a beautiful, cold, glistening place. But over the years the ice disappeared, slipping away like sand through an hourglass. Slowly, slowly, one by one, the other animals moved on.

The Great Bear has no choice but to leave her snowy realm to search for food, friends and a new home. She soon discovers a world that is growing hotter whilst hearts grow colder - until one small act of kindness changes everything. The Bear in the Stars is a story about loss, kindness and new beginnings.

A striking modern fable and an original and uplifting response to the issue of climate change. A beautiful and inspirational gift for readers of all ages.

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