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'Sierra' A Devotional Habit by Her Mother the Mountain

'Sierra' A Devotional Habit by Her Mother the Mountain


Her Mother the Mountain Devotional Habit for the modern nomadic women. This habit is from the the new 'Death Becomes Life' series  and the style is 'Sierra'.  It has been hand dyed using madder root, black bean and tea leaf and then hand painted with it's beautfiul design.   Size Medium (please note these sizes are slightly smaller than standard sizes, please contact us for exact mesurements).

Fiona Lewis is local Hay-on-wye based artist. Through entry into mystical states, her works became imbued with intention and charged with ritual. Her collection of naturally dyed, hand-made Devotional Habits are created to be placed onto the body within a ritual of love, to bestow upon the wearer protection and guidance on her journey ahead. Her Mother the Mountain is a worn-philosophy, the garments are talismans.

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