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'Lucky Sushi' by Callous Creations

'Lucky Sushi' by Callous Creations


Lucky Sushi

9cm long by 2cms wide and weighs approximately 11 grams.

This one-of-a-kind piece could be worn as a pendant or super long earring. It has an eco-sterling silver bezel set with a Rose cut aqua chalcedony stone said to have healing properties and to calm your heart. Its cold connection gives lots of movement to the copper-electroformed sushi fish.

Electroforming is a process that has coated the fish in copper, the original fish is still inside. The copper will respond to the environmental conditions it is kept in, you can either polish it to give it a rich orange finish or leave it to gain its natural patina.

Only use a gentle polish like Brasso. Hallmarked on the reverse of stone bezel.

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