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'Love - Red Left Hand' by Callous Creations

'Love - Red Left Hand' by Callous Creations


Love - Red left hand

72mm by 12mm and weighs 11.45 grams.

This piece is totally unique, it is made with a reclaimed sterling silver flared bezel which has a simple heart motif, a lot of texture and a large jump ring so you can wear it as an earring or a pendant.

The bezel has a cold pin connection which attaches a copper hand. The hand is a rescued doll's hand that is electroformed with copper, this is a process of coating the hand with a thin layer of copper, and the doll's hand remains inside.

Due to the nature of copper the colour will change depending on the environment it is exposed to, you can bring your hand to the shiniest of oranges using a gentle polish such as Brasso or leave it to gain a rich patina if you are lucky it may develop a green verdigris colour. Hallmarked on bezel.

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