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'Gravetos Cinzenta'  by Callous Creations

'Gravetos Cinzenta' by Callous Creations


Gravetos Cinzenta translates as grey kindling in Portuguese.
This hallmarked heavy silver ring has a claw setting which carries a large cast of a Eucalyptus pod.

The Eucalyptus pod is cast in raw concrete and saturated in resin giving it a wet look.
Concrete houses are the only ones left standing when the fires rage through Portugal and in summer water is restricted for each property. The combination of all these elements symbolises the wild and beautiful mountains of mid-Portugal where I collected these pods many years ago. The smell of Eucalyptus is potent and is said to cure many respiratory ailments. Eucalyptus is both a powerful healer as well as the barer of destruction. It also thrives as a result of the fires, new trees spring up doubling numbers in only a matter of weeks. It is a resilient tree thriving in the face of disaster. Perhaps this ring will bring these powers to it's wearer.
The band has a width of 12mm giving it a solid and imposing base and will fit a finger that measures 55 mm's. This piece is totally unique there will never be another one made, it is hallmarked by the Goldsmith Assay Office. 

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