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'French Bull Dog' Mask by Circo Gringo

'French Bull Dog' Mask by Circo Gringo


Black and White limited edition French Bull Dog mask by Circo Gringo. Fibreglass, paper mache, resin, wire, zinc mesh and antique Victorian glass eyes (which are scrarce and of very high quality). This mask was used for a Parisian Vogue photoshoot. Roughly 35cm x 25cm x 19cm.

Not wishing to disclose name, age, gender or cultural background the fiercely private and immensely talented artist known only as Circo Gringo is fascinated by the haunting atmosphere of fairgrounds, sideshows and the circus.


Please note that the cost of postage for this item is high as it cannot be sent through normal postal services. However, it is also possible to collect for free directly from us. 


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